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I've decided to participate in the Pay It Forward Initiative: The first five people who comment on this with "I'm in" will receive a surprise from me at some point during (with luck) this calendar year - anything from a book, something artsy I make, a postcard...absolutely any surprise. There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy. These five people must make the same offer on their Facebook status. Once my first five have commented "I'm in", copy and paste this into your own journal (or onto any other social site for that matter, I'm doing this on facebook as well), so we can form a web connection of kindness. Let's do more nice and loving things in 2014 without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other. Here's to a more enjoyable, more friendly and loved filled second half of the year. Live happy!! Ready set go!!
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  • Listening to: Cut you with the cake knife-Strawberry Switchblade
  • Reading: The Great Gatsby
  • Eating: your soul (and also cornbread)
  • Drinking: chai tea


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United States
Hey! And welcome to the wonderful, whimsical place that is my deviantART page

The kid in the picture is my stinky little brother.

So…about me.

To begin with, I'm goth/alternative. No, that doesn’t mean I worship Satan or that I want to murder you or that I do a lot of drugs. I just like all things spooky and creepy, tacky Halloween decorations, old underground bands, corny horror movies, the Victorian era, and haunting, well written literature. I will admit, however, that I DO have picnics and read books in graveyards like a stereotypical goth girl. Go ahead and judge me.

Next, yes, that is how my name is spelled, and it is pronounced pretty much the way it is spelt. (If you are French you probably already know that :) ) You have no idea how many substitute teachers have messed up my name.

The Tintin comics, the Lord of the Rings, and Alice in Wonderland, which were my favorite books growing up (or in Tintin’s case, comics) all had a significant influence on my growth. I began reading at a young age, and I’ve always got a book in the process of being read.
As a child, I enjoyed drawing a lot. I liked painting too but I didn’t always have paints or brushes that I could get my hands on, so, I mostly drew.

I'm rather introverted sometimes, but don't let that deter you. I'm quite friendly if you're friendly to me.


I take art classes, and experiment in a lot of different mediums. I do some photography (often nature photography), I paint sometimes, some cosmetic art, and some crafts. My favorite art mediums, however, are drawing (usually with graphite pencil but sometimes with other things), writing (short stories, longer stories, free verse poetry, songwriting) and music (composing for guitar, violin, vocals etc.).

I enjoy collecting and preserving bones.

Water is my element!

I am a PAGAN (my beliefs are mostly within the spectrum of Wicca and Celtic practices), and I am still exploring my spirituality. As for everyone else’s religions, I don’t really care what you’re into as long as you don’t force bullshit down my throat. I don’t appreciate belittlement or badgering.

I am pansexual (can have sexual or romantic feelings for men, women, and anyone in between.)  Pan Pride!!

I love reptiles. Like, a lot. Also birds. And sea creatures.

My heart's true passion is music. I research music and movements and bands a lot, I write music and play music and listen to music. My heart beats for it. If we like the same bands, we will probably get along well, haha.

I have a few mental illnesses which complicate life a lot. Despite these, and despite having struggled with self-injury, a previous eating disorder and a couple other things I won't mention here, I am healing and growing and learning to love life, and I am so much stronger than I was. And you know what? I’m learning to love myself too, which is something I’ve never had before. I am broken, but I am beautiful.

There are so many places I’ve been, so many things I’ve seen, but despite this being more than many other people my age have experienced, instead of sating my lust for life it has only sparked an even deeper, more ravenous hunger for the world. I don’t want to simply EXIST, I want to Live. I aspire to be a journalist in the future for at least the first part of my working career, like my hero Tintin, and see some of the world and have my own adventure.

Anyways, enough of that. I hope you enjoy my art, and I hope we can watch each other and maybe be friends.
Blessed be :heart:

And hey by the way, my favorite music and books wouldn't all fit into the box below, so...

The Super Heroines
45 Grave
Joy Division
Strawberry Switchblade
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Christian Death
Catholic Spit
Emilie Autumn
The Velvet Underground
The Beatles
Depeche Mode
Butcher Babies
The Blood Brothers
Lamb of God
The Agonist
Lacuna Coil
Marilyn Manson
Echo and the Bunnymen
David Bowie
Billy Joel
Eskimo Joe

The Vampire Chronicles, anything Poe or Lovecraft, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dracula, Dracula: The Undead, Lord of the Rings, EVERY SINGLE TINTIN COMIC, Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Fahrenheit 451,The Inheritance Cycle, Year Of Wonders, Inkheart trilogy, White Rabbit Chronicles, The Green Mile, The Shining, Silver Bullet, 'Salem's Lot ( and basically every other Stephen King book I've read), the Harry Potter Books, pretty much everything Anne Rice

I apologize for the lengthiness of this thing, but I am quite a long winded person

Mordor stamp by Daytha LOTR - Wander by Jenna-Rose Gisborne Fan Stamp by LDT by RobinHoodFC Stamp: Pagan by 8manderz8 OTEP Stamp by kimphantom94 Otep stamp by CautiousNereids Misfits Stamp by Tagi-Stamps The Velvet Underground Stamp by j1mmyj6zz Siouxsie and the Banshees by Tagi-Stamps bauhaus. by 12memories Blutengel 2 by skinnyveestamp Arch enemy by old-mc-donald Amon amarth by old-mc-donald John Lemon by renatalmar Give Peace a Chance by chooseloveorsympathy The Beatles Stamp - eltraumado by stamps-club Pansexual Pride Stamp by smileystamps TinTin's Best Catchphrase by the-ocean-sings ultimate haddock stamp by S-e-l-a in Wonderland by SsGirlo Alice-Stamp by MelissaDalton Wonderland Stamp by Leafbreeze7 Goth Chicks Are HOT Stamp by Carthoris Tim Burton Stamp by thatfire-stock Lestat pwns Edward by theperfectlestat Edgar Allen Poe stamp by Kixxar Essence by smeagolisme Australia Stamp by phantom Crocodiles. by Monster-Boar

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